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100% of the funds raised will go to Joseph Brant Hospital Auxillary

ABOUT - Savour The Night... and Our Team.

Many of you have taken the time to participate in our events in the past and know how committed we are to ensuring that we work hard, with your contributions, to make Joseph Brant Hospital a state-of-the-art facility thats benefits our entire community.

This year it is our goal to raise in excess of $50,000.00!!!  This amount will surpass what we collected last year to the tune of an additional $16,000.00.  With your help we know we can achieve this target.

As you know, 100% of the funds raised at our event will be donated directly to the Joseph Brant Hospital Auxiliary and will be dedicated to paying for new hospital beds.  We want every patient who must spend a night in a hospital and away from their family, to have the best stay possible.  


These new beds cost the JBH Auxiliary approximately $10,000.00 each and we would love to be able to say that this event allowed for 5 additional patients to sleep in as much comfort as possible!!

Shawn Alam.jpg

As a face of the Leggat team in Burlington, I am proud to be able to have our location be the host of this wonderful and necessary event in tribute to both the Joseph Brant Hospital but also to those who find themselves or their loved ones as patients in our local hospital.  We, at Leggat, believe we have a role to play in making our community a better place to live and this event is one small way that we are able to do our part.

Shawn Alam

As the Director of Auxiliary and Volunteer Resources at Joseph Brant Hospital for 15 years I have a passion for volunteers and the wonderful work they can accomplish. The enthusiasm and commitment of this year’s Saviour the Night Committee is contagious. The goal to raise $50,000 for the state of the art patient beds for JBH is a cause that I am so pleased to support.

Mary Lou Tinmouth
Mary Lou Tinmouth.jpg

I am a retired employee of the Royal Bank where I worked for 37 years in a wide variety of areas. I have always had a passion for helping people and giving back to my community. I have frequently volunteered my time with different charities. In my retirement I spend my time volunteering for Joseph Brant Hospital.  I also enjoy many hobbies which include, travelling, gardening and entertaining my family and friends.

Marianna Fabiani
Marianna Fabiani.jpg
Steve Cussons.jpg

As a local entrepreneur and parent I have long gone out of my way to do what I can to build up the community that I am a part of.  When I learned of this event I knew it was of great importance and I was eager to take part in helping raise awareness and resources for of local Joseph Brant Hospital.  I appreciate that I am able to teach my children the value in participating in causes that mean so much to us, our family, our friends and those we have never had the chance to meet!

Steve Cussons
Sylvia Dunk.jpg

I enjoy meeting people, planning events and giving back to the community.  This event committee is a perfect fit with its passionate members and worthy cause!  As a long-time employee of local company Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd., I have a connection to Joseph Brant Hospital and to Burlington.  Good health is so important to us all, I feel inspired and proud to help in this small way.  Thank YOU for your support!

Sylvia Dunk
Pat Magowan.jpg

As a past member of both the Auxiliary and Foundation Board of JBH  I am very passionate about supporting the hospital in any way I can.  I have had the wonderful experience of co chairing our "Downtown Funk" event with Shawn Alam at the Leggat facility in 2016 at which time we successfully raised $33,000 for the hospital.

Pat Magowan
Diane Bentivegna.jpg

I am a breast cancer survivor.  I had my  surgery and chemo at Joseph Brant Hospital I co-chaired an event called "Beauty and the Bistro"  in which we raised $450,000.00 for a new mammography machine with biopsy attachment for Joseph Brant Hospital.  Still wanting to help and improve our wonderful community hospital.

Diane Bentivegna
Brenda McCoy.jpg

Over the last 18 months I have come to appreciate and value the place our local Joseph Brant Hospital has within our community.  Helping people and working with others to improve the local world that I live in has long been important to me.  Taking part in an event such as this is the perfect way to offer my thanks to JBH and to do my part to make every patient's stay at JBH more comfortable.

Brenda McCoy
Betty Greiser.jpg
Betty Greiser

I am passionate about striving to make the world a better place, where even the smallest changes can make a difference in someone’s life.

Let’s help our fellow brothers and sisters in their time of need – where something as simple as modern beds, can ease suffering and increase the betterment of patient care.  Patients deserve comfort and should be allowed to rest and recover in decent state-of-the-art beds, taking the burden off doctors and nurses by being able adequately accommodate  everyone. 

So by volunteering on this committee, I am proud to once again take part in the Leggat Spirit of generosity and tradition, by assisting the Brant Hospital and Community, and making a difference in peoples’ lives.  A cause that I personally feel strongly about. 

 “What we have and do for ourselves alone dies with us, what we do for others and the world remains immortal”

Samantha Leeson.jpg

I have grown up witnessing the value in taking the time to volunteer within my community.  I have recently seen how amazing the people and care are at Joseph Brant Hospital also.  These two situations have lead me to this group and doing what I can to promote healing and care for everyone in Burlington and the surrounding area.  I am excited to see what all of us can do for JBH at this event!!

Samantha Leeson

Sophie is an experienced, professional sales representative active in our community. Also a locally known theatrical actor and has always been part of the team assisting with events and venues supporting Joseph Brant Hospital. We thank her for her assistance on this event and the excitement she is bringing to Savour the Night!

Sophie Buzzelli
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